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New Version: Army of Darkness – Halloween Edition #evildead

Updated with better visuals…

WARNING: This video might put a Necronomicon curse on you. But only if you allow yourself to gaze upon the beautiful but deadly ethereal phantom that calls itself Sheila, but who is really the forest demon Lythalia.

If you see her, immediately look away! If you look away in time you should be safe. But if you cannot look away, if you’re mesmerized by her incredible beauty and are unable to break free of her penetrating gaze for 3 seconds, you will be cursed as I was.

The signs of the curse are 3 things.

►When you look at a picture of a Big Mac, you want one. Badly. With fries and Coke usually. An apple pie would be good.

►As you’re paying your whopping income tax bill, you involuntarily say to yourself in a demonic voice, “I’m voting libertarian next tiiiiiime!”

►You become obsessed with Bruce Campbell and have the incredible urge to watch the new Evil Dead TV show when it comes out next year.

Fortunately though, there is a way to rid yourself of the curse.

But you must act quickly!

Follow this simple ritual, on your knees, naked, with lots of “Yes Mistress!” :

►Click the Like (thumbs up) button 3 times.

►Share the video 3 times.

►And finally, type this ancient Sumerian text in the comments 3 times:

“Amargi Ida Lalartu (your name)”

If the planets are aligned and the age of Aquarius is in its Chakra Chandra Ying Yang, you should be free of the curse after that.

If not, may the Outer Gods have mercy on your soul. Have a joyous All Hallows Eve, as the concubine of the succubus demon Lythalia, in her lovely home, in hell.

SOURCE: Army of Darkness, produced by Rob Tapert, directed by Sam Raimi, starring Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Ted Raimi.