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Chase Masterson is Lythalia, Demidemon – #AshVsEvilDead

Demidemons: Rare immortal Demon-Human Hybrids which are the result of unholy unions between our two species.

Mystic Investigations

Lythalia is a Demidemon. Half human, half demon. The result of the mating of her mother, Sheila Williams, and the Elder God, Cthulhu in 1300AD.

She hates her Deadite half. It doesn’t take baths and has really bad breath. She thinks that if she kills enough pure Deadites it will kill the rotting Deadite inside her. Or at least make her better able to live with it.

She finds it interesting that wherever Ashley Williams goes, Deadites appear. Is he the leader of the Deadite army? Or just one of its human hosts? She will find out. Oh yes, she will.

Last Fan Standing Promo Poster – Blame it on Canada

Created in partnership with Pop Quiz Entertainment, the series was filmed live on the ground at Wizard World Comic Con conventions nationwide. “LAST FAN STANDING” engages event attendees through a proprietary audience response system, where all patrons play along, competing for cash and prizes. The show culminates with the top four players vying for the coveted title as Campbell hunts for the “LAST FAN STANDING.”

Lucy Lawless, Ash vs Evil Dead, character poster [colorized]

Let’s get this party started. Time to start churning out some character posters for Ash vs Evil Dead, the new TV series based on the original classic Evil Dead movies.

The new TV show will star Bruce Campbell, and be directed by Sam “Spiderman” Raimi.

Coming October 31, 2015, on StarZ.